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My name is Autumn. I am prone to hyperness and obsession. The most prominent ones?

Dylan O'Brien, Darren Criss, Dylan O'Brien, Darren Criss, DYLAN O'BRIEN, DARREN CRISS. Did I mention Dylan O'Brien or Darren Everett Criss?

ACTORS/ACTRESSES: Dylan O'Brien. Darren Criss. Daniel Sharman. Bethany Joy Lenz. Jennifer Carpenter. Misha Collins. Jared Padalecki. Jensen Ackles. Bob Morely. Kit Harington. Torrance Coombs. Emilia Clarke. Adelaide Kane. Holland Roden. Tatiana Maslany.
FANDOMS: Harry Potter. Supernatural. Game of Thrones. Teen Wolf. The 100. Reign. The Walking Dead. The Big Bang Theory. Prison Break. LOST. Dexter. One Tree Hill. That 70's Show. The Hunger Games. The Maze Runner.
CHARACTERS: Stiles Stilinski. Isaac Lahey. Bellamy Blake. Haley James Scott. Debra Morgan. Castiel. Sam & Dean Winchester. Jon Snow. Daenerys Targaryen. Tyrion Lannister.
HARDCORE SHIPS: Naley. Stydia. Bellarke.

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This is one of my favorite songs at the moment.

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Because yes, thats why.

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I am Death and the end is here.

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What men really think about their body

I’m going to be ladylike and say I would touch him with a ten foot pole.  HARD.

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He came to the MTV Movie Awards all like, screw adorable, I can be sexy.  Then he saw the puppy and it was all over.